You're in for a real treat when you reserve one of our deluxe units. We combine brand new super comfy suite-quality mattresses with 310 thread count pima cotton linens for an amazingly comfortable night's sleep. Triple sheeting, fluffy down-alternative comforters, and four pillows of varying firmness complete the sleeping experience. We're pretty sure you might not want to get out of bed all day! A deluxe amenity without the deluxe price tag!

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A customer who was diving just 100 feet off our dock had this to say after his dive - "It was like going to the crab market! Each time I thought I had found my dinner, I saw another, bigger Dungeness. I finally wound up with the biggest crab I had ever seen; it more than filled my plate." Our bay is famous for world-class crabbing. Guests come from all over the Pacific Northwest to fish for crab right in our bay. Commercial crabbers fish our bay in the winter, it really is THAT good! We must say, when crabbing season opens, it really opens a new dimension to our resort. There is nothing like setting your trap and feeling the excitement of what's in the pot as you are bringing it up. Kids especially absolutely love this activity! Our dock gives those without boats access to great crabbing in our bay. The best bait is salmon heads, but a can of cat food works too! Our bay has red rock crabs (Cancer antennarius), characterized by a vibrant red coloration and a smaller adult size, and dungeness crab (Cancer magister), . characterized by a larger adult size, smaller claws, and brown coloration. Fishing rules and regulations (West Beach Resort is in marine area 7)

We will set you up with everything you need to have you feasting on gorgeous, succulent fresh crab. Gear is for sale in our store, or you can rent equipment and boats from our activities kiosk. Day licenses are also available.

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